02.07.2013 - Vladimir
I've got a suggestion:
please make an adjustment of wind speed - meters per second. I live in Russia
and we have such a system is used (meters per second). Can you add this?
So also, qooWeather Widget is running up hanging in open applications. Can you dissapear it?
Thanks for good application!

02.07.2013 - Stefan Thomas
In qooMail 1.3 we will implement a option for period: last week, last 2 week, last month...
This should increase startup of qooMail a lot.


25.06.2013 - pecuna
I forget to ask can you make it start faster? Everytime I have to wait to load over 3000 mails - which is serious amount of time... and no - I cant delete the mails cuz those are work mailboxes and I need all mails in them.

25.06.2013 - pecuna
Why qooMail is so slow and freezing all the time on my E7-00? Is the size of the mailboxes has to do sth with that?
I have over 15000 mails in my boxes.
Can you put an option to use profiles or sth. like that which will provide us with the opertunity to see only chosen mailboxes via qooMail - which I think will increase the performance of the app.
Some manual would be useful - just to know what every option can do.
Can you tell me what options to use so I can get the best performance without freezing??
Thanks and keep up with the good work!

03.06.2013 - Stefan Thomas
We can only provide 4x2 sized widgets, because we using native widgets and NOKIA has dropped developing this type of widgets. There are also web based widgets, but they have other disadvantages.

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