29.05.2013 - ghost
I like qooClock as an alternative, but would it be possible to have it as 2 or 3 icon width instead of 4? Meaning only hours and minutes same as on the lock screen. Also some font size alternatives (big-medium-small) would be great. Thanks for the great widgets!

21.05.2013 - Stefan Thomas
qooMail 1.1 is in NOKIA QA.
It will fix all major bugs and brings new color indicator for mailboxes, options to customize notifications lights and options to set orientation. Version 1.1 is more a hotfix and for Version 1.2 we plan a lot of new functions.

24.02.2013 - miki
Maybe another new widget style for weather


22.02.2013 - mike
my little suggestions Symbian Anna widget background for all widget


22.02.2013 - Artemchik_1998
Welcome your designs super)) I have a few suggestions for the further development of widgets, I would like to see in the widget: "qoo clock widget", "Qoo weather widget", "Qoo battery widget", "Qoo calendar widget" you removed icon of a running application in the menu. http://img845.imageshack.us/img845/6537/quicksnaps2013022219340.jpg And one more question: is it possible to make the weather widget uses less memory, and "eating" less battery charging? Sorry for the mistakes, I am Russian, and I do not know English.

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