11.01.2013 - Garry
You guys are great.

I think that all your widgets are amongst the best available for the platform.

Keep it up.

20.12.2012 - Kevin
I've been using the weather widget since day one, but with last update I have now 5 hour days; the sun shines from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm only.
Please fix this, it's just annoying.

03.11.2012 - roland
updated the weatherwidget to v4.. now the battery goes down in 7h on my E6-00!!
v3 doesn't have this problem.. pleeeease fix it.

28.10.2012 - William TeBrake
I purchased Qooclock for my wife's Nokia N8, and it works fine. I would also like to purchase it for my Nokia E7, but Nokia store says it's not available for that model. Please tell me how to install it on my E7. I already use the calendar wizard which works well.
Thank you.

20.10.2012 - George
the battery widget is GREAT,
but some times loses the options, so then the phone starts is has the default options

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