09.10.2012 - Joe
I've just bought qooRSS Widget and the overall is "Nice work, so far" but it's buggie. Stops responding after the first reload and doesn't work until next restart. I remember this behavior for Nokia Reader (Beta Labs) first releases and it was a bug with Qt. My advice is to keep your customization options with the Nokia Reader's functionality. Adding an RSS directory should be nice and it'd be great also using Nokia Drop's capability to send RSS Feed links to the phone too.
Thanks for keep creating awesome and useful apps for our beloved Symbian devices.

04.10.2012 - Joe
Congratulations for the new qooRSS widget. Since Beta Labs Reader has no further support I was looking for a new RSS widget and... here it is. I'll buy it as soon as it gets released at Nokia Store.
Best Regards.

20.09.2012 - Stefan Thomas
In new qooBattery you found 3 widgets showing the same. Its for your 3 standard home screen - one widget for every screen. This was a wish of some customers.

Kindly Stefan Thomas.

14.09.2012 - James Scott
After the latest update I now see 3 separate battery widgets
qooBattery Widget
qooBattery Widget2
qooBattery Widget3

But I see no difference, please explain.

13.09.2012 - Joe
Hi Stefan,thanks for the updates. The new icons for the Weather Widget are great. I've emailed to you some suggestions for the widgets. I'm waiting to see your new project.

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