12.09.2012 - Betatester
Wieso kann ich weder das Wetterwidget noch das Batteriewidget updaten?

Geh ich in Nokia Store da hin, zeigt das mir nur Installiert an und daneben Start. Installiert ist aber z.B. das Wetterwidget 3.00. Aktuell ist aber 3.01

11.09.2012 - Thomas

I just bought your Calendar widget, and I'm generally pleased with it. I would like to make a couple of suggestions though:
Could I have an option to launch Handy Calendar instead of Symbian Calendar, like ComingNext offers?
And could I have an option to remove the display of todays date on the left, to make more room for the calendar entry?

Regards, Thomas

04.09.2012 - Stefan Thomas
Hello customers, hello guests,
we read your posts carefully and we are happy for any suggestion. A new version of qooBattery wich handles up to 4 widgets is on the way, also the new qooWeather is in certification right now. Also an improved version of qooCalendar is under development and we have also one new project - it will come soon - very soon
Best ragards
Stefan Thomas - THE DEVELOPER

Werte Kunden, hallo Gäste,
wir lesen gerne eure Beiträge und freuen uns über alle Verbesserungsvorschläge. Aktuell haben wir die neue qooBattery mit bis zu 4 Widgets und das neue qooWeather in der Zertifizierung. Ein verbessertes qooCalendar und ein neues Projekt sind in der Entwicklung und kommen bald - sehr bald
Mit besten Grüßen
Stefan Thomas - DER ENTWICKLER

04.09.2012 - Pavlos
Hi i have a symbian Nokia 808 pure view and i love all your programs. So i bought all of your programs but the weather program doesnt work for 1-2 weeks now. I Cant download it and i Cant find anywhere to re download it and to re install it. Also is there any way to inform me threw email for any news and to send me there the programs That i bought threw Ovi store; Thank You.

01.09.2012 - wcytzazpfbq (NetmHeoQmNsnQQYBO)
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