01.09.2012 - Mudi (cwkIciVX)
The problem is that the the clsesas change name and there's not always the same number of clsesas. So where I'm having trouble is finding a variable class name in a list of a variable number of clsesas.For example, it could be <span class= c0 c3 >, or it could be <span class= c0 >, or it could be <span class= c0 c3 c1 >.Luckily spans are never nested.So maybe something like(?):$content = preg_replace( #<span class= (.*?)' . $boldclass . (.*?) >(.*?)</span>#s, <span class= $1$boldclass$2 ><strong>$3</strong></span>', $content );

01.09.2012 - Joe
Hi qooApps team,
Iíve just bought this week two of your great apps, qooBattery and qooCalendar Widgets and I must say theyíre what I was looking for my N8ís Belle homescreen. I was about to buy the qooWeather Widget also, but sadly, was retired from the store, so I went to your web and learned about the problem with Google API and I want to say to you guys that I wish the best for you and all of your future projects, including the all new qooWeather Widget, I will buy it as soon as itíll get available; about this new widget, please let me make a couple of suggestions and a question:
Suggestion 1: Please add an option for another Icon set more realistic; the cartoonish icons are cute but itíd be great if thereís this option available, too.
Suggestion 2: An option to retrieve the location with GPS.
Question: The wind speed only comes in Imperial or is also available in metrics?
Iíd like to make a suggestion for the qooBattery Widget, too: Iíd like more flexibility to choose the auto powersave timer hours.
Thank you very much and good luck.

28.08.2012 - RoliC2
leider hat das weatherwidget den geist aufgegeben, wetterdaten lassen sich nicht mehr updaten. de- und neuinstallation hilft leider auch nicht.
schade, hat nur 2 tage funktioniert.
..hoffe auf ein update..

21.08.2012 - Ace of the Blue Sky
It would be great if battery widget would show the time being charged or being unplugged. But already it's close to perfect app!

06.08.2012 - Jutta Schmidt
Leider funktioniert das qooWeather Widget
auf meinem Nokia 500 (belle9 nicht. selbst Wetterinfos aus großen Städten werden nicht angezeigt.
99ct ist zwar nicht viel Geld, für etwas das nicht funktioniert, aber dennoch zuviel.
mfG. J. Schmidt

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